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We’re Moving

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Review: A Mom’s Guide to Home Organization by Debbie Lillard

Reviewed By Organizedmopppit

I just posted my review just click on the link below to see the full content.

A Mom’s Guide to Home Organization by Debbie Lillard.

How to Archive Your Family Photos

This week I will be sharing tips on organizing your family photos, go here to check it out

How to Archive Your Family Photos.

Make room for Mushrooms

“Dry Canning” dehydrated Mushrooms

This weeks grocery travels took us to the land of Smurfs. Mushrooms wedehydrated mushrooms & potatoesre on sale at Meijer 10 for 10, get the 11th free. I bought 11, totaling $.80 per pack, now that is a great deal! Very proud of myself for spotting this deal but now what am I going to do with all these mushrooms?

I can dehydrate them of course! Then what? I can’t fit anything else in my freezer and I know we’re not going to use 11 packs of mushrooms within a month or two even if we were to eat them with every meal, so what do I do to make sure they are preserved for long term storage. Google, Bing, Youtube…my buddies, help me out!

I was looking around on the web and found a couple sites showing how to “dry can” dehydrated or already dry foods(flour,salt). Most canning is done by placing cooked or blanched foods, liquid, and salt or (syrup for fruit) in a canning jar and pressure cooking for a specific amount of time making them safe for storage. This method will preserve most foods for a couple of years. The liquid canning and jelly making is the only type of canning I have ever done.

This “dry canning” seems interesting. You can “can” already dehydrated foods and it takes out most of the oxygen from the jar and many people are saying this method has a 20-25 year shelf life. I don’t really need my mushrooms to last 20 years but I like learning new things so I gave it a shot.

I got out a few wide mouth canning jars, washed, dried, and sanitized the jars, lids and rings. Do I really want to run my oven for 2 hours for just two jars of mushrooms? Naw, I took out my dried potatoes and I am going to ‘Dry can” those as well.

I now have 6 jars of dehydrated foods cooling next to my stove listening for the familiar ping of the jar lid suctioning down to complete the seal……..ping! There goes one now, gotta go check it out! See you later!

Prepare for Tax sesason all year


  Preparing for taxes is not something we usually think about until April, right?  I hope not, there are things that happen throughout the year that should be noted and filed with your tax paperwork.  I say they should be, but if they are not, now is a good time to pull everything together. Here is a good list for pulling them out and filing them together. Check list: What I need for Tax time!

Four steps to getting Organized

1. Realize you have an organization problem.

Getting organized can help restore positive feelings we sometimes only wish for. Our negative feelings of being overwhelmed, frustrated, sad, confused, and annoyed are your cues. Our feelings tell us when something feels right or wrong and our negative feelings are what helps us create positive feelings like feeling relaxed, relieved, and calm. We can use these negative feelings to navigate our lives into the right direction.

2. Decide to do something about it.

You have to want the “feeling” to away and to replace it with a much calmer feeling. You have to decided that even though getting organized may be hard work, it is work that will bring fulfillment and a sense of peace back into your life.

3. Pick a place to start.

This is usually the hardest thing for us to do. Where do I start? Everything is in chaos, and start small don’t try to overhaul your entire home in a weekend. Wether it is a drawer, the kids craft area, or a basket of papers, pick one and spend 15 minutes de-cluttering and reorganizing. Take breaks every 15 minutes. When you finish one project you you will feel empowered to do more.

4 Know when to ask for help.

We all need a little help now and then. There are some things that we need help with, like hanging shelves. If you do not have the expertise to do something you may need to ask for help. Sometimes seeking help is as easy asking a friend, your spouse, a co-worker or even your children for help. Other times it can be a challenge to know who to call for help. If you don’t know who to call for help with a specific job ask for recommendations from friends and family.

For now though, take a minute to think about the one area of your home or your personal life that is causing you the most stress and frustration then choose where to  start you on your journey.Don’t forget to signup for our newsletter filled with helpful tips for creating an organized home and reducing stress.

Remember you call the shots in your life, no one else!

Happy Organizing!!

What more can we do?

Tonight I am very disturbed that the security measures they had couldn’t save more kids. Thankful that our schools have lock down procedures and my kids know what to do. Fearful that it is not enough, our procedures are much like Sandy Hook almost exact and it still wasn’t enough to save them.

Maybe our PTO’s should shift their thinking to SAFETY before a new playscape or dry erase boards for each child.  Use dry erase markers on their desk, it wipes off.   Pay for security if the district cannot afford to do so. It would be nice if we could add security to our “No Child left behind” or create something new like “no more children shot at school.  A playscape means nothing to the kids who watched their friends and teachers die, and you can not wipe away the grief of a dead child like you can a dry erase board.

I believe all of the teachers at the schools that my kids go to have a stong parental instinct and will do all they can to keep these kids safe, sadly I don’t believe that is enough.

I want security to check my purse when I walk in,I want to go though a metal detector and be escorted to the office as this should be the only place I need to go when entering a school. I wouldn’t mind one bit, if that meant everyone else would be put through the same security precautions and I knew that no one would be able to get to my kids.


Holding them close tonight, and praying for healing for the families left behind.



Woo hoo, check that off the list!!! Personalized Holiday cards came in the mail today.  All I have to do now is add a personal note with holiday wishes, address the envelope,  seal the envelope, put a stinking stamp on the envelope and smile happily when I hand them to my mail carrier.

Family Reunion


Reunions for some families happen once a year. Ours are about every five or so. This is the first year we will be holding the reunion close to our home but at a park. Usually it is held on the property of a family member so this time will be quite different.

I can hardly wait to see all of my out of town family! Before we pack up the jeep to meet at the park i wanted to show you a few of the things that are coming out of the dehydrator today. I hope you are having as much fun with your dehydrator as I am with mine.

Have a wonderful holiday weekend!

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